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  The Swish of the Curtain
Maddy Alone
Golden Pavements
Blue Door Venture
Maddy Again
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Golden Pavements by Pamela Brown  £10.00 


The second sequel to the classic children's theatre story The Swish of the Curtain.

As the six older members of the Blue Door Theatre group set off for drama school in London, they are united in their ambition to establish their own professional theatre back home in Fenchester. However, the bright lights of the West End prove so dazzling that at least one of the friends is soon tempted to abandon that ambition for the sake of her own promising career.

This novel, the third in the Blue Door series, follows the characters of The Swish of the Curtain through two exciting years of drama school and their first taste of professional stage experience.

ISBN : 978-09552428-23 Price : £10 (Paperback)

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